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Made in Italy

100ml extrait de Perfume

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First of all there is the impeccable elegance of the cedar, sparkling with citrus notes.
Then rose heart and iris and velvety and luminous notes of saffron with a warm and sensual background of patchouli and musk.

Olfactory notes

Head : cedar wood, orange, lemon

Heart : rose, Iris

Background : saffron, patchouli, musk, oud from Laos

The perfume is available enclosed in two different packages.
Wooden Box - Luxury Edition: a precious lacquered box, the result of the best Italian cabinet-making tradition.
Coffret Edition: a cherished box with integrated magnetic clasp that honours Italian craftsmanship.
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"What does Venice do while you don't watch? Every time I am sure I know the way, it seems to me that the calluses make fun of me, that they exchange each other while I am on the other side, that they move from their usual position to confuse me, laughing softly for not to be discovered, as mischievous fairies."

Oud Royale

One evening, as I headed towards the Teatro della Fenice, I got lost. With my most elegant dress on, I must have said that we could get there in an instant. What an illusion! The streets heard me and made fun of me. I turned and turned, but nothing, the theater was gone, shrouded in fog. And yet, while I lost myself, I thought it was all so beautiful, and that it was right to be fully dressed just to wander through these beautiful and spiteful alleys. It was like entering behind the mirror, into a parallel world, in which the people of the theater live, with its secret and wonderful places, the lounges, the restaurants, the cafes. That evening I realized that Venice is a thousand cities within one.

The scent

This city in the city is called Oud Royale. First of all there is the impeccable elegance of the cedar, sparkling with citrus notes: it is the thrill of discovering an unexpected world, and the more you get lost in it, the more you are attracted to it, while you slip into the charm of a rose heart and iris. And it is immediately amazement, velvety and luminous like the notes of saffron, and increasingly seductive, magnetic, with a warm and sensual background of patchouli and musk: a vibrant descent of oud, in a fascinating microcosm that seduces everyone who crosses it.

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