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Skincare collection

As we know, the cosmetic art of beauty that developed in Europe during the Renaissance, found a great point of growth in Venice. The Serenissima Republica at that time had the complete control of commercial trades along all the Mediterranean routes and especially with the Middle East, thus also managing all the goods that arrived there via the famous “Silk road”. So  the best ingredients, spices and essences and all the merchandise therefore had to pass through the city of Venice, increasing the faculty of its perfumers to produce the best ointments, scented waters and perfumed powders for body and hair care.   These ancient technical knowledge of cosmetics and perfumery converged in the first treatises on beauty and for the maintenance of the health of the body and hair which were published in the Serenissima Republic of Venice; among these the best known and most remembered is the one written by Giovanventura Rosetti and published in 1555 entitled "Notandissimi secreti de arte profumatoria" (the well known secrets of perfumery art).