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Made in Italy

100ml extrait de Perfume

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Scent of bergamot and ylang-ylang, lit by a tingle of mandarin, with softness of the rose and heady marine notes. Sensual notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Olfactory notes

Head : bergamot, ylang ylang, mandarin

Heart : rose, marine notes

Background : sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk

The perfume is available enclosed in two different packages.
Wooden Box - Luxury Edition: a precious lacquered box, the result of the best Italian cabinet-making tradition.
Coffret Edition: a cherished box with integrated magnetic clasp that honours Italian craftsmanship.
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It all started suddenly, one night. Upon returning to the hotel, the concierge brought me an ivory envelope with a red wax seal. Someone had left it for me. What did I know that opening that letter would open up a world?


It was the invitation to a private party, a bold and sensual party, for a select few. It was true, then. Someone had told me about this secret Venice, a parallel world in which refined guests met in luxury residences to satisfy their most libertine desires, protected behind the unknown of a mask. I went, like a wolf in the night, with the blessing of Casanova. I wanted to see Venice also in this light. I revealed many secrets that night, but I still have two left. The first is why they chose me. The second is who brought that unforgettable scent that inebriated me all evening.

The scent

I still remember the password: Divine. I remember that he welcomed me a bergamot task, from which the sensuality of the ylang-ylang, lit by a tingle of mandarin, was already leaking out. The door closed behind me and enveloped me in the seductive softness of the rose, then in the heady marine notes as I entered the big hall with low lights. I remember that it was as if Venus were emerging from the waters at that very moment: everything became more and more sensual, always warmer than amber and vanilla, while passionate moss was pressing, and sandalwood heated that fiery night.

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