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Made in Italy

100ml extrait de Perfume

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Fresh and fruity notes of bergamot, peach, apricot, pineapple, with an elegant heart of delicate flowers. Warm and sensual background with sandalwood, coconut, vanilla and rosewood.

Olfactory notes

Head : bergamot, marine accord, peach, apricot, pineapple

Heart : jasmine, rose, magnolia, frangipani

Background : sandalwood, coconut, vanilla, rosewood

The perfume is available enclosed in two different packages.
Wooden Box - Luxury Edition: a precious lacquered box, the result of the best Italian cabinet-making tradition.
Coffret Edition: a cherished box with integrated magnetic clasp that honours Italian craftsmanship.
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You live in me like the scent of a flower . Life with you is different time doesen’t move hour to hour it’s mood to moment we live by the currents plan by the tides and follow the sun until the day is done. You live in me like the shadows of the sky lives in the sea.

Blanc de Blanc

How many secrets does Venice hide? They are as infinite as the white foam of the sea. Some are hidden on the water, revealed only to those who dominate it, like its ancestors. They are the secret gardens, reserves of delight for those who know where to look, hidden behind elegant gates, inside exclusive palaces, between discreet and elegant walls. I did not know, until that day. Then that green and enchanted garden, its soft lawns, its tropical plants. Among the palm trees, exotic perfumes, and a silver tray that appeared out of nowhere, handing me a flûte of bubbles. I threw my shoes somewhere and let the sweetness wash over me. An emerald-eyed woman said something to me in a foreign language. I did not understand but smiled at her. 'Time slips as sweet as honey here in the tropics,' I thought. I stop. Astonished, I rearrange my thoughts. "But no, what am I saying? I'm still in Venice!" I wake up, as if I had been dreaming. But for the first time, reality is much more incredible than the dream.

The scent

This awakening is called Blanc de Blanc. It is the emotion of a hidden garden opening before your eyes, between the light of bergamot and the caress of a marine accord. And like a sumptuous gate that opens wide and unveils wonders, it is immediately an explosion of soft, juicy fruity notes: peach, apricot and pineapple, and then a rich, floral heart, a shower of roses and white flowers, jasmine, magnolia and frangipani, which intoxicate the senses and calm the mind. Notes of coconut and vanilla are added in a whirlwind of sweetness and sensuality, and, between sandalwood and rosewood, everything becomes bliss, while for a moment you no longer remember what earthly paradise you are in.

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