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Made in Italy

100ML Eau de Perfume Extreme

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The Serenissima Republic of Venice was the crossroads of the most important trades in the Mediterranean where the rarest and finest raw materials, silk and spices were the prerogative of the most powerful Venetian merchant families. The symbol of Venice's wealth was the Basilica of San Marco with the famous mosaics that adorned it. The creation of the perfume was inspired by these mosaics, translating the kaleidoscopic variety of the pieces into spicy and fruity notes that make this fragrance unique.

Olfactory notes

Head : date accord

Heart : sandalwood, saffron, leather accord

Background : benzoin, vetiver, musks

Available only in the Coffret Edition.
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How many souls do you have, Venice? How many lives have you lived, how many stories do you have to tell? I realised it the day I found the Golden Church. I don't remember who had told me about it, I only remember that he told me I would not forget it. He was right. I still remember that sea of glow, glow everywhere: on the walls, on the domes, wherever my gaze fell. In the veiled light of the basilica everything seemed magical. It felt like bathing in light and gold.


Everything was covered with thousands of gold tesserae that formed an immense mosaic, a profusion of gold that has seen the passage of centuries and the supreme power of the Serenissima, the succession of Doges, the prayers of merchants, the velvets of nobles. I know you have a story to tell me for each of those gold tiles, Venice. About the lands from which that shining metal came, about your travels to the East, about your centuries of power, about silks, precious spices, the passions of men. How could I ever forget you? The road from Byzantium to Venice is paved with endless stories, secrets, gems, and treasures.

The scent

This road is called Mosaic and is warmed by a breeze coming straight from the East, fragrant with sweet and juicy dates, with the superb opulence of saffron. It has the sumptuous charisma of sandalwood, of an undisputed power that branches out to East and West, and an unstoppable strength that has the ancestral scents of leather. Yet on the horizon, behind the veiled light of vetiver, the golden sparkles of benzoin grow stronger and stronger, and its irresistible allure rises, reaching beyond the centuries, and smelling of glory and musks.

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