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Made in Italy

100ML Eau de Perfume Extreme

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At Harry's Bar you can breathe the atmosphere that since the 1920s has made it the obligatory destination for writers, painters, artists and aristocrats. Atmospheres linked to the cocktails served, to gallant encounters and to lived solitudes, dense and mysterious.
With this perfume we wanted to interpret and give life to the most mysterious features of this place through amber, smoky and penetrating notes.

Olfactory notes

Head : coriander, pink pepper, geranium

Heart : cedarwood, smoky notes, frankincense

Background : labdanum, amber accord, leather accord

Available only in the Coffret Edition.
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One evening, after wandering around the calli alone, I ended up at Harry's Bar. Everything was still as it was in the days when Hemingway used to write at that table over there, sipping a dry martini. I remember sitting at the wooden bar - then a flash of light, and suddenly there was Maria Callas in front of me, sipping champagne; further back, Orson Wells was holding court at a table of men in suits; and next door Chaplin was kissing the hand of a bejewelled lady. Then the buzz became an indistinct noise and I felt my head spin.


'Here's your drink,' a voice suddenly said to me. Venice is like taking out a whole box of liqueur chocolates in one go, Truman Capote said. But maybe he was talking about love. "Cheers!", I said to my reflection in the glass. I downed a sip, then another, and another. And as I drank, nothing seemed to matter anymore, except that tomorrow is another day. Suddenly I felt happy. "I feel like it's better now," he told me. I turned to smile at him, but there was no one there.

The Scent

This daydream is called Harry's. It opens like the doors of a bar and welcomes you into a warm, vibrant microcosm of coriander and pink pepper, hypnotic with geranium. Here you can take off your jacket and make yourself comfortable, amidst the warmth of the Texas cedar woods of the counter and tables, and the smoky notes, a reminder of the thousands of cigarettes that artists and writers have smoked in it. The incense illuminates it like their discussions on art and literature, to land on a balsamic background of pure delight, labdanum and amber, comfortably seated on the leather accord of the chairs. And suddenly you don't know whether you're in London or Venice, you just know you'll want to go back again.

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