Grooming, Italian Style

Grooming, Italian Style

Leave it to Italy to make some of the most covetable under-the-radar products in the world.


Venezia 1920

It may not be as old as some of the other brands on this list, but what this fragrance house lacks in age, it makes up for in storytelling. Inspired by the storied city of Venice, specifically the Venice of the 1920s, when it was the playground for the international jetset crowd, the luxurious fragrances take inspiration from locations, people, and vibes specific to Venice. You won’t find a touristy “Carnivale” scent though; these are more cerebral and esoteric, but that’s what makes them special.

The Standout:

Venezia 1920 Harry's Eau de Perfume Extreme

Inspired by the iconic Harry’s Bar that was a favorite hangout of artists, writers, and aristocrats (characters like Hemingway and Capote were regulars), this smoky, woody fragrance is like nursing a well-aged scotch deep into the night. Notes of cedarwood, frankincense, leather, and coriander lend a masculine but worldly vibe that instantly makes you seem more interesting.



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