Information about personal data collected from the data subject according to article 13 of the European Privacy Regulation: General Data Protection Regulation

According to the article 13 of EU 2016/679 regulation, and following the principle of transparency, we hereby give the following information, so that the user is aware of the conditions and procedures by which their data are treated.

1. Holder of the data
The holder of the data is Caveau Srls, whose headquarters are located in Cesare Battisti 9/1 30035  Mirano (Venice- Italy).
Contact information: telephone: +39-041 570 2954  email address:

2. Purpose of the data processing, legal foundations, and issues of legitimate interest
The personal data provided by the user via our internet website are collected and processed for the following purposes:

a) to be able to carry out customer relationship management according to contract arrangements;
b) to send periodical newsletters and advertising material via email to customers, on the basis of their explicit consent;
c) to send customers updates on our activities, and notices about newly posted materials on our website, or blog, on the basis of their explicit consent;
d) to send customers information on sales promotions, invitations to events, training courses, special offers, or invitations to take part in market analysis and research surveys, on the basis of their explicit consent.

The legal foundation regulating the processing of the data is the enactment of a contract, of which the data subject is party, or the execution of pre-contractual measures, if carried out on the request of the data subject.
In b), c), and d) above, the legal basis is the explicit consent, freely provided by the data subject.
If the holder of the data wishes to process the data with a different purpose from the original one at the moment of their collection, prior to doing so, he shall provide the subject with information on such further processing, together with any additional and relevant information.

3. Conferring of personal data

Conferring the data for purposes indicated in a) above, is voluntary, but refusing to do so will cause Caveau srls to be unable to fulfil its contract obligations.
As far as the purposes indicated in b), c), and d) above, the conferment is also voluntary and their use is subject to explicit consent. If consent is not provided, Caveau srls will not be able to send newsletters, advertising material, invitations to events, or any other commercial initiative.

4. Recipients, actual and potential, of personal data

The data are processed within the company by individuals who have been authorized to do so, under the sole responsibility of the holder of the data, for the above-mentioned purposes and according to existing norms.
If necessary or required to carry out the abovementioned purposes, the collected data can be processed by third parties appointed as external data processors, or, when applicable, expressly appointed as independent owners, namely:
a) external companies charged to carry out the above-mentioned purposes;
b) companies, authorities, and associations dealing with services related to the above-mentioned purposes (i.e.: market analysis and research services, credit card payment processing, IT systems maintenance).

5. Data transfer to a third country

According to the present norms, and provided adequate protection is guaranteed, collected data can be transferred abroad, even outside the EU, to Caveau srls partner companies. The data holder can also transfer the data to a third country (namely, Switzerland) for which there is a Commission’s decision on adequacy (article 45, paragraph 1 of the Regulation).

6. Methods of processing and data retention period

The collected data will be processed either by electronic means, whether IT or telematic ones, or via manual processing, according to processing methods strictly related to the purposes for which the data have been collected and, in any case, in such a way that their safety is ensured.
The personal data processed for the purposes mentioned in 2 a) above, will be processed for the time necessary to carry out the contract’s purposes, and for further 5 years, for tax and administrative purposes.
The personal data processed for the purposes mentioned in 2 b), c), and d) above will be processed for a maximum period of 24 months starting from the registration to the website, or the termination of the consent procedure.
The customer has also the right to withdraw your consent at any given time without infringing the lawfulness of the data processing carried out prior to the withdrawal.

7. Profiling

The data holder does not use automated processes aimed at profiling.

During the events, free of charge, without time limits, pursuant to art. 10 and 320 cod. civ. and of the articles 96 and 97 copyright law n. 633 of 22.4.1941 and in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679, the company Caveau srls will be able to carry out, directly or through authorized partners, the digital collection of images / photographs / videos during the events and may publish them on the company website, on platforms dedicated to web -streaming of the events and on any other medium of electronic diffusion (eg social network), and to the conservation of the photos themselves in the company computer archives for a mere advertising and promotional purpose. For each individual event, the company Caveau srls in the person of the Data Controller will submit a regular release and request authorization to the guests in digital and / or paper format.

The release and authorization can be revoked at any time directly by the interested part by sending a written communication via e-mail to the Data Controller using the email

8. Data subject’s rights related to data processing

We hereby specify that, with regard to your personal data, you can exercise any of the rights listed below:
1. the right to access your personal data;
2. the right to rectify, cancel or restrict the data forming the subject-matter of the processing;
3. the right to refuse the processing;
4. the right to data portability (applicable only to electronic data), as per EU Regulation 2016/679, article 20.

Regarding the procedures for the exercise of the above-mentioned rights, please write to Your request will be dealt with within 30 days.

9. Complaints

We hereby inform the data subject that you have the right to file a complaint to the Controlling Authority, in case you think that your data have been illegitimately processed. For further information, please go to the official website of the Italian Privacy authority at:


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